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Thanks for stopping by my scanner page! This page is just kind of thrown together right now, I will hopefully be fixing it up sometime in the future, as time permits...

I currently own six scanners; one base, three portable, and two mobiles. These would include:

Uniden BC895XLT  
Uniden BCT-7 (2)  
Uniden BC245XLT  
Radio Shack Pro-83 - KEYPAD HACKS (MS Word .DOC file 58.5KB) Copyright © 2K4 - 2K17 PowerHouse Communications
Personal use OK; not to be distributed in any form or location (electronic or otherwise,) without express permission of the copyright owner (myself.) Email link is located below!
Radio Shack Pro-96  

Radio Shack Pro-106

- My newest little baby. No UP of Michigan pre-programmed (V-Scanner) data, it must be programed by hand :-(

Below you will find a small collection of scanner related links. I know there are a LOT more out there than I have listed below. I have other's that I have not listed, but will when I get the chance. If you know of any scanner sites that would be useful to other visitors, please email me the URL and I will put it up as soon as I can.


Mobile Scanning in Michigan

** UPDATED MAY 2007 **
New Scanning Law? See inside!


The BC785D & BC250D digital scanners by Uniden CAN NOT TrunkTrack the APCO 25 full digital communications standard of 9600-baud trunking. The digital signals can be still be decoded, and heard, with the above listed Uniden scanners (and the optional Digital Add-on Card,) don't misunderstand this! The problem is that each frequency will have to be programmed into the scanner and scanned in the conventional (Non-Trunking) manor. The scanners can not TrunkTrack the system because of the faster baud rate.

Beyond the above, all newer scanners have the capability to TrunkTrack the 9600-baud systems...

Latest News

** Since my time is so limited, and I just do not have the time to keep up with latest news and happenings in the world of scanning, I've decided to turn this page into a reference area. I am attempting to harvest a collection of Owner (Operation) and Service manuals for as many brands and models of scanners I can find. I will also be gather together a collection of links to scanner related information and sources for the latest news with regaurd to scanners and scanning. **

New 'Scanner Law' passed in Michigan! See my "Mobile Scanning in Michigan" page for more details...

Old News

There is a software update for the Radio Shack PRO-96 to allow it to receive the other form of modulation used in states like Minnesota (CQPSK). Click the link at the end of the paragraph, find the listing for thePRO-96 (catalog #200-0526), and download both the Instructions (.PDF file) and the Update (.EXE file). LINK: Software Update


Scanner Owner (Operation) and Service Manuals







BCi25D Owners Manual      
BC246T Owners Manual     Computer Control Protocol
BC95XLT Owners Manual      
BC235XLT Owners Manual      
BC245XLT + U Owners Manual - Original   Owners Manual - European  
BC250D Owners Manual     Computer Control Protocol
BC296D Owners Manual      
BC350A Owners Manual      
BC796D Owners Manual      
BCD396T Owners Manual      

Radio Shack

Pro20 Owners Manual     Parts List
Pro22 Pocket Owners Manual     Parts List
Pro83 Owners Manual     Keypad Hacks
Pro96 Owners Manual      


Click here for APCO 25 Informational links...

Brett's (N70LQ) Scanner Pictures
ePanorama -
Excellent electronics link page
Fast Food Frequencies
G&G Communications

General Menu Reports - FCC Searchable Frequency Database
ULS Advanced Search - FCC Searchable License Database
KC5KTO's Radio Shack Scanner Modifications - Copy of Page
Live Dispatch - Listen to live police broadcasts over the net!
Monitoring Times Magazine
Mobile Scanner & Radar Detector Laws
Listed By State
National Communications Magazine
North Eastern Wisconsin Scanner Page -
Site for info about my general area
PerCon Spectrum: Online - $Pay$ Searchable Frequency Database
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RadioReference.COM - Formerly TrunkedRadio.COM
Scanner Master - Custom Scanner Hardware, Software, and More!
Scanner World, USA
Strong Signals - Radio Monitoring at it's best

Here's a good site to visit...

COPWATCH.COM - Policing the Police

APCO 25 in Michigan and Beyond

So, what's all this talk about APCO 25 and Digital Trunking and what-not you ask?  Here are some links to get you a heads-up on the soon to be widespread radio communications system.  Please note, however, that most of the articles are older.  Some of the information contained in them may be outdated; still, they are listed for what informational value they do contain...

What is APCO 25? - Great Informational Site
More APCO 25 Information
Who Uses APCO 25? -
Usage Reference (Unsure of accuracy)
Trunked Radio.NET - Digital Trunking and APCO 25 Info
Signal Harbor - The Case For APCO Project 25
Signal Harbor - APCO Project 25 History & Scanner Info

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